Q) The local phone/cable company currently provides our networking solution. Why should we switch to Sunesys?

Sunesys offers many advantages over other providers. A Sunesys network provides the customer with a private fiber optic network. This means each customer has its own dedicated strands of fiber connecting each location, and those strands never pass through the public cloud. Whether you choose a dark fiber solution or a managed solution you can rest assured that your network will be simplified,flexible, highly secure, and highly reliable. Whether you just need a simple reliable data network or you need to consolidate all of your different services over one secure network, Sunesys has the solution for you.

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Q) What is the difference between a Sunesys managed WAN and a Sunesys dark fiber WAN?

Think of your network as a train system. You have passengers, freight, and other cargo (data) that needs to be moved between various stations on your network (nodes). A train (transport equipment and protocol) is used to transport your cargo between all of the different stations over a network of tracks (fiber optic cable).

In this analogy, dark fiber refers to the network of tracks between stations. You provide the transport equipment (trains) depending on how much and what type of cargo you need to move around. Dark fiber networks allow the customer to provide their own transport equipment allowing for the ultimate in flexibility and scalability when it comes to bandwidth needs.

A managed WAN would include the trains as part of the service. This provides the customer with a simpler solution in which they do not have to manage their own network services but sacrifices some of the flexibility and scalability that is offered in the dark fiber solution.

In either case, a Sunesys network offers you a private system. There are no public stations (switches, etc. in the public cloud) that your precious cargo has to pass through. This means you will have the ultimate in security and reliability with any Sunesys solution.

For more information about the benefits of dark fiber, check out our dark fiber whitepaper.

  Traditional Managed WAN Sunesys Managed WAN Sunesys Dark Fiber WAN
Fixed Bandwidth      
Unlimited Bandwidth      
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Q) What if Sunesys doesn't have plant in our area?

Unlike other providers that build in an area first, Sunesys builds 'for the customer first.' This means that Sunesys will build a network to meet your needs even if we do not already have fiber on your street.

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Q) What happens in case of fiber break?

Fiber breaks are very rare and typically any given span of 10 km of fiber will suffer an average of less than 5 minutes of outage due to breaks in a year.

Because other utilities have priority over fiber providers, the time required to repair a fiber optic cable will vary based on the number of utilities on a pole or in a manhole. If possible Sunesys will temporarily restore service to the customer even before it is given access to the utility pole or manhole. Once access is granted the necessary repairs will take place, usually without any disruptions to the customer.

To report a fiber break call our 24 Hour Hotline (1-800-286-6664) as outlined in the Unscheduled Outages document available in our downloads folder.

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