Sunesys has a rich history of providing services to top tier institutions in the enterprise, healthcare, education, and carrier industries. We have developed a deep understanding of the unique needs of each segment – whether it’s unraveling the complexities of E-Rate subsidies, designing and implementing a 300+ node wireless backhaul network, or creating a secure and reliable WAN for a hospital.

Enterprise In business, the old adage rules: never bring a knife to a gunfight. Our dedicated network infrastructure solutions can level the playing field.
Healthcare Protect your patients' data with ironclad security while containing skyrocketing network costs.
Higher Education Link campuses, boost broadband and contain costs in a single bound.
K-12 Education Meet the ever-expanding requirements of your bandwidth per student with an E-Rate eligible managed Ethernet WAN solution.
Carriers Today’s carriers need bandwidth and lots of it. Sunesys’ dense footprint makes us the ideal choice to support your MAN, wireless backhaul and transport needs.

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White Paper

The Private Fiber Optic Network Advantage

Sunesys dark fiber takes out the middleman in your network solutions and puts you in control. A private fiber optic network allows you to pursue solutions that are flexible, secure, and reliable - all with fixed-cost pricing. Read our white paper to learn more.

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White Paper

The Benefits of Private High Bandwidth WANs (Wide Area Networks) for Education IT Infrastructures

Read our white paper to learn how deploying a managed WAN with Sunesys enables education IT professionals to overcome obstacles and meet the demands of changing educational technology.

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White Paper

The Benefits of Dark Fiber for Healthcare IT Infrastructures

Sunesys has extensive experience and expertise in helping healthcare organizations enhance the overall performance of their network. This document demonstrates how the deployment of dark fiber enables healthcare IT professionals to meet these new demands.

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