SunIP Internet Services

State-of-the-art doesn’t have to mean complexity. Sunesys Internet Services allow you to bypass traditional ISP access solutions, through our premium Internet transport and dedicated IP access. In short, we untangle the mess that lesser IP solutions can cause.

Internet Services


Sunesys’ enterprise class IP solution allows you to customize the network as required. SunIP offers:

  • Direct connection to multiple Tier 1 IP Hubs, disaster recovery, IAAS, SAAS and other cloud service providers
  • IP address allocation based on required class of Internet and needed addresses
  • Support for IPV4
  • BGP or static routing configuration to accommodate your needs
  • Primary or Secondary DNS hosting maximizes resiliency and minimizes latency issues
  • Direct connections from the IP hub location for increased reliability & security
  • Best-in-class security systems including network level protection with comprehensive traffic monitoring and aid against potential threats

Did You Know?

Sunesys has a next generation data center transport network that offers long-haul transport between our regional markets.

The Sunesys Difference

Unlike some large carriers, Sunesys is small enough to be highly focused on your particular vertical and your precise geography, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions that are fast, nimble and cost-effective.

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