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Letter from the President

It continues to be an exciting time to be part of Sunesys with another very successful E-rate season in which we saw our 200th K-12 customer signed. This brings our total school district count to 209+ customers. We also are very actively engaged with the PennREN stimulus project, having installed 750 route miles of the 1600+ mile network. In total, Sunesys continues to boast a strong fiber network of over 7,000 miles.

On June 11th, we will host our 1st annual charitable Sunesys Golf Invitational to benefit our community initiative. Proceeds from the event will be contributed to Connect2Compete, a national nonprofit organization focusing on the use of technology to promote digital literacy in educational institutions. We are very excited to connect with this initiative to continue to promote our core values. 

As the summer approaches, we wish everyone a safe and relaxing season with continued success for our customers.

Larry Coleman, President

"Sunesys Community": Giving Back

Sunesys 1st Annual Golf Invitational Only two weeks left until the 1st Annual Sunesys Golf Outing. We still have a few spots open for players and sponsors but you'll have to act quickly. For more information contact James Li. All proceeds from the event will benefit Connect2Compete.

Connect2Compete is a private and nonprivate sector partnership to promote broadband adoption and improve outcomes in disadvantaged communities.

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Sunlight - A Sunesys Blog

Have you checked out our blog yet? Sunlight.sunesys.com - is your source for insight from some of Sunesys' best and brightest. Here's an excerpt from our latest post on the stunted growth of technology in the Healthcare industry:

In the early 90s, a major insurance carrier in NYC converted their paper files to WORM optical disk, reducing 3 floors of cabinets to 25% of the space. Each insured individual was given a unique barcode, printed on an insurance card. This way documents could be scanned in and associated with that patient’s barcode and additions could be made automatically, eliminating the need for paper handling.

At the time, this was considered a major advance that many would predict to be adopted by all health related organizations. Yet, to this day most medical facilities are found clattered with 4-5 clerks behind a desk moving paper files to a Doc’s inbox and inserting faxes into files. Click here to read the full post

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Sunesys is constantly connecting new customers to the network, many of which involve at least some amount of new construction. We have some of the most experienced and dedicated engineering, project management, and construction personnel on staff to quote and build your network.

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Upcoming Events

June 11
Sunesys 1st Annual Golf Invitational

Horsham, PA

June 11 - 13

Tallahassee, FL

June 14
CTO Clinic - FL

Tallahassee, FL

June 24 - 27

San Diego, CA

June 27
Telecom Exchange

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September 27
CTO Clinic - GA

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Spotlight On

Clint Ihrig
Sales Engineer

Steve DeFranco

Mr. Ihrig has been with the company for over 5 1/2 years in various roles in the sales department. Currently Clint is responsible for all sales engineering in the Western region. Clint is also involved in Quanta's "Chairman's Challenge" - an intense corporate program to train the leaders of tomorrow.

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Did You Know

Sunesys raised over $15,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in 2011. We look forward to eclipsing that mark in our fall community campaign.