Network Design and Topologies

Whether you need to connect 2 locations or 200, Sunesys will design the perfect network for you. From solution offering, whether private Ethernet or dark fiber, to bandwidth capacity, logical network configuration or geographic diversity – we are a one-stop shop. This way, each of your network aspects are carefully considered and calculated to provide a design that meets all of your security and bandwidth demands well into the future.

Physical Design

Physical network design is the “How am I getting from point A to point B?” When engineering your custom fiber optic network, Sunesys will consider:

  • Designing the most effective pathway and route length
  • Physical diversity from your network or other providers
  • Determining if redundancy or a linear path are right for you

Logical Design

Logical network design is essentially “How the fiber network looks on paper.” The logical design takes into account not only the logical pathway of the network, but how the nodes are connected as well. Our designs include:


Point to Point

Two nodes connected over a single pathway.

Hub and Spoke/Star/Point-to-Multipoint

Point to Point

Multiple remote locations connected via PTP connections to a single hub location. The hub location often houses a customer's servers, which can be easily accessed by all remote nodes.


Point to Point

Multiple customer locations connected along a ring. Traffic can traverse the ring in either direction for added reliability.


Point to Point

Utilizing the short pathways and instant access of the hub and spoke configuration, and the redundancy of the ring, a mesh network design provides an ultra-reliable platform for critical networks or network portions.