SunWave Private Wavelength

Have demanding applications left you in search of a streamlined network solution? Our SunWave Private Wavelength offers scalable bandwidth in a cost-effective package.

Private wavelengths provide the ability to consolidate your services over a single connection, whether voice, data, or Internet. Use of the Sunesys fiber wavelength is unrestricted, allowing for increased control and scalability.

Private Wavelength


Benefits of a Private Wavelength Service:

  • Wavelength solution supports all standard industry protocols including SONET, ATM, Ethernet, etc.
  • Dedicated private wavelength(s) offer the highest levels of security
  • Our Layer 2 solution is traffic agnostic, making application management seamless
  • Scalability from 1Gbps – 100Gbps+

Did You Know?

Wave Division Multiplexing is a method of using multiple wavelengths of light on a single optical fiber, to drastically increase the bandwidth capacity of a single wavelength system.

The Sunesys Difference

Unlike some large carriers, Sunesys is small enough to be highly focused on your particular vertical and your precise geography, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions that are fast, nimble and cost-effective.

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