Our Commitment to Safety

Sunesys is committed to becoming the industry leader conducting business at the forefront of safety and responsibility.

At Sunesys, safety transcends all aspects of our business. We believe in the importance of best-in-class safety as more than merely an aspect of our day to day operations. We consider best-in-class safety to encompass:

  • A Safety Mindset: Safety has an inherent importance in the minds of every employee
  • A Safety Culture: Safety is the engine by which we operate
  • A Safety Process: Safety is considered an innate part of every process

It is our safety mission to achieve a working environment that places the utmost value on the health and welfare of every employee, customer, client and community.

Did You Know?

Sunesys has achieved a TIIR (Total Injury and Illness Rate) significantly under the industry average year after year.