Wholesale Network Solutions

Today's wholesale providers need bandwidth and they need lots of it. Whether it's to support your metro area network, wireless backhaul, or transport needs, Sunesys offers the scale and reach of a top provider coupled with the partnership of committed experts. The result is more than a network, it's a dedicated connection.

Network Solutions

Sunesys serves wholesale providers of all shapes and sizes with metropolitan rings and transport networks. Wholesale providers choose Sunesys for our unique footprint, access to major data centers, and custom solutions.

Wireless Backhaul

Sunesys specializes in providing wireless backhaul for top service providers across the country. Our dense fiber footprint across more than 30 states, combined with our agile nature and ability to expand our network at your desire, makes us the partner for adding anywhere from 1 to 1000 sites.

Data Center Access

Sunesys has created a next generation data center transport network connecting key metropolitan regions with state-of-the-art optical transport equipment. Our data center network connects Sunesys' regional networks across the country, giving you access to over 100 data centers in key metro markets.

Did You Know?

Sunesys has a next generation data center transport network that offers long-haul transport between our regional markets.

The Sunesys Difference

Unlike some large carriers, Sunesys is small enough to be highly focused on your particular vertical and your precise geography, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions that are fast, nimble and cost-effective.