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Why Sunesys?

It's all about bandwidth. You need it. Then you need more. Then still more. Suddenly your costs start piling up faster than the bits pulsing through your wide area network. You feel powerless to stop it.

With Sunesys, you can kiss those days goodbye.

Ready. Set. Sunesys.

We're Sunesys, and as one of the top telecommunications providers in the country, we strive to connect institutions to the best network solutions. We offer everything a typical provider can, and so much more, including:

  • Private fiber optic networks available offer unparalleled security and reliability
  • Access to a unique and dense footprint of 16,000 miles in more than 30 states
  • Traffic agnostic networks let you converge your voice, video, and data networks
  • Dedicated and knowledgable staff
  • Committed to best in class safety ensuring your network is installed properly and professionally

Sunesys is like no other telecommunications company out there. That's why, in a constantly changing world, we're a leader in a constantly changing industry. You're up to speed — are your network solutions?

Did You Know?

In 1854, John Tyndall demonstrated to the Royal Society that light could be conducted through a curved stream of water, proving that a light signal could be bent.